Knee Replacement in Little Rock

What is Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery?

This is total knee replacement when the surgeon uses the tool of a robot that helps guide his positioning of the joint replacement prosthetic parts. This tool helps the surgeon see a TV monitor representation of the patient’s knee bones and helps guide the placement of the cutting jigs and limits where he can and cannot make the bony cuts.

What are the advantages of Robot Knee Replacement Surgery?

If the surgeon has difficulty sometimes not getting proper position of the prosthesis, this tool may help him do a better job.

What are the disadvantages of the use of the robot in total knee surgery?

For the experienced surgeon who frequently performs total knee replacement, the use of the robot tool may prevent efficient placement of the knee replacement parts and may add an additional barrier to the surgeon being able to see and feel the ligament tension and balance that he is seeking for the patient. Use of the robot is associated with prolonged operative time which is known to increase the risk of infection.

What can I expect after Robotic Knee Replacement?

The prosthesis used is the same. The incision used is the same. The surgical trauma is the same. Recent advances in multimodal pain management provides less pain and easier early recovery for all Total Knee Patients in the last 6 years or so. All knee patients benefit from this regardless of whether the robot tool is used or not.

Candidates for Robotic Knee Replacement

Total Knee Replacement is an excellent way to remove severe arthritis pain that causes disability and reduced quality of life. Best results occur when the surgery is performed by a sub-specialty trained knee replacement surgeon who frequently performs this operation and has the experience to use the many different tools and tricks available to achieve good alignment and ligament balance for a successful total knee replacement.

Is there a quicker recovery time for robotic knee replacement surgery?

No, it has the same recovery time as a normal knee replacement surgery without the robot guided tool.

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