Orthopedic Conditions and Treatments in Little Rock

Orthopedic Conditions and Treatments in Little Rock

Robotic Knee Replacement

This is total knee replacement when the surgeon uses the tool of a robot that helps guide his positioning of the joint replacement prosthetic parts. This tool helps the surgeon see a TV monitor representation of the patient’s knee bones and helps guide the placement of the cutting jigs and limits where he can and cannot make the bony cuts.

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Post-Traumatic Arthritis

This is arthritis that results from direct injury to the joint surfaces. The injury occurs to the cartilage and/or bone tissues of the joint, and the resulting damage leaves the joint surface uneven and roughened.

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Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis and is also called degenerative arthritis. This is when the cartilage in the joint has deteriorated by thinning and wearing away. The smooth rubbery cartilage that glides painlessly is gradually worn away to the point that exposed bone rubs against exposed bone. This results in stimulation of nerve endings and pain. Absence of cartilage is also mechanically irritating to the joint, and the joint lining makes extra joint fluid causing swelling of the joint.

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Inflammatory Arthritis

Inflammatory Arthritis is another type of arthritis that is less common than degenerative or osteoarthritis. These types of arthritic diseases occur when there is a malfunction of one’s immune system and the immune system errantly recognizes joint cartilage as ‘foreign’ and attacks the joints and attempts to destroy the cartilage in the joint. This can cause severe destruction of joints and has been called ‘crippling arthritis’.

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Hip Dysplasia

Dysplasia of the hip can lead to disabling hip pain due to the cartilage wearing out prematurely. This results from abnormal development of the hip joint during in utero development and in infancy, the hip is not positioned properly to form the normal deep socket that is needed for a normal hip.

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Avascular Necrosis (AVN)

This is a condition affecting the Hip, Knee or Shoulder that can cause pain and joint damage. It occurs when an area of the joint loses its blood supply and some of the supportive bone in the joint undergoes bone death. Initially, there can be inflammation and swelling in the bone that causes pain. Later, as the body attempts to heal the dead bone, some of the bone may become soft and collapse and flatten beneath the overlying cartilage. The joint cartilage is no longer smooth. The joint becomes painful when the roughened, irregular surfaces move across each other.

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Patient testimonial

“had a herniated disc in my back that had calcified and pinched my sciatic nerve, at the nerve root. I was in excruciating pain for months until I got a referral to Dr. Justin Seale. Dr. Seale seen the pain in my eyes as soon as he walked in the room. We finally decided my best course of action was a spinal fusion of my L5-S1. He warned me that the recovery would be brutal but was encouraged. Before Dr. Seale took me back for surgery, he prayed with me, my husband, his nurse and the anesthesiologist. He prayed for God’s guidance for him and my surgical team as well as me and my recovery! I will never forget his absolute best bed side manner. The pain for recovery was tough, but the pain before the surgery was worse. I was absolutely relieved and feel like I had THE BEST doctor on the planet!

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