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Welcome to my online office. My purpose is to provide an easy-to-use and informative location on the internet to inform patients about problems of the hip and knee and to explain modern methods of treatment. Fortunately, many hip and knee problems will respond to conservative measures of treatment, and we prefer to use these methods whenever possible. However, when these measures fail there are successful surgical options that can greatly relieve pain and restore function and mobility.

As a sub-specialty trained joint replacement surgeon, Dr. Newbern has gone on to have an additional level of training. He has completed his Fellowship in Adult Reconstructive Surgery at the Center for Hip and Knee Surgery in Indianapolis and since has focused his attention and expertise on problems of the hip and knee. In Arkansas, there are over 160 Orthopedic surgeons, but only five in Central Arkansas have this added level of training. Four of these five are in our clinic, Arkansas Specialty Orthopaedics.

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